About Us

At GRD, we are creating a brand which will manage and control your business' multi-level supply chain needs. These services include offering secure climate controlled warehousing and transportation for cannabis products anywhere in California. Enhanced security features include: 24hr Manned Security and Video Surveillance, Body Cameras, Armored Vehicles, Enforcer Door Locks and Door Sensors. For added “Peace of Mind”, GRD includes enhanced safety features: Auto-Inflate Tire Systems, GPS Tracking, Emergency Call Button and Rescue Vehicles for on road assistance. In an effort to provide the highest standards in transportation to your Customer, and to your Organization we go the extra mile in all we do.

GRD will provide your organization with dedicated freight management services and the highest security. With our logistical engineering techniques your staff will have total visibility of your shipments with direct feedback on arrival and departure from all locations. GRD’s transportation experts will deliver Dry and Refrigerated products. GRD specializes in Transportation and Security for high value and time-sensitive shipments with the highest standards. Securing deliveries, reducing downtime and creating peace of mind is our mission.


Our leadership team is composed of  seasoned industry professionals. We have experts from the Food Distribution, Precious Metal Handling, Packaging and Cannabis industries.